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Selling a house is a very difficult job. You want to sell your home as quickly as possible and at its full value. You must also be aware of state & federal laws and how they affect your sale.

This involves a lot of time, effort, and patience, as well as specialized skills and knowledge. That is why most people turn to me for help.

When you sell your home, I will work for you as a client. You sign a contract called a listing contract and I work until your house is sold.

In a seller/client relationship, the agent guides you throughout the real estate transaction, providing information on such issues as pricing your home, which purchase offers are fair, and how to structure a purchase contract to your advantage. It is the business of to help you sell your home with minimum delay and to help you realize every dollar and its worth.

Today, however, many home buyers use a buyer's agent – a specialized Real Estate Agent who is the home buyer's client and works for the interests of the buyer. This makes it even more important for you to have an expert on your side looking out for your best interests.

Below are a few articles dedicated to guide you on the process of selling your house.

Appraisals & Market Value
Common Q&A About Selling Your Home
Pricing the House to Sell
Property Taxes
Seller Financing
Selling at a Loss

Short Sales
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